Mr Epoxy installs environmentally friendly industrial concrete coatings. Coating thousands of square-feet in factories, warehouses, commercial, retail, and residential floors across Montreal.


Our dedicated team of experts will be there to offer you an exceptional product. Using our safe and efficient methods, your floors will be coated rapidly and will provide a superb finish that will last for years to come.


We offer complete repair services tailored to  the needs of your establishment. Ranging from a small patch to a complete resurfacing, we can ensure the improvement of your floor coating thanks to our wide variety of solutions made available to you.




With our wide array of attractive topcoats available, you will benefit from flooring that is both beautiful and resistant. Additionally, epoxy flooring is very low maintenance, is proven to be more durable than many other floor types and is exceptionally easy to clean.



We offer a wide array of high end flooring topcoats to meet the different needs of your facility. Our epoxy surfaces are chemical-resistant and stain-resistant while being easy to clean.



Our heavy duty flooring and coatings provide your high traffic area surface the strength it needs to withstand considerable pressure and heavy use.



Available in many formulations, our quality and durable floor coatings will offer a sterile, hygienic and slip-proof surface.




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